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Experimental Short (2023). 3 mins.


You need guts to attempt. An experimental film set to a  voice note from a close friend.

Short Drama (2020). 17 mins.


One negative pregnancy test after another results in the gradual breakdown in the relationship between Natalie and Lucas. Individually, they begin to question whether their hope for a child is the only thing that’s keeping them together.

Hired Gun Bday.png

Short Action/Comedy (2019). 10 mins.


Arthur's 'old man persona' is just a disguise. He's really a trained hitman, one of the best. He's given a new target however there's a complication in the assassination, there's another hitman after the same target.

Brass Monkeys.png

Short drama (2019). 11 mins.


The UK's top crime bods are anonymously invited together for the biggest job of their lives, or so they think. However, a police detective is hard on the case and rallies an armed response unit to take the baddies down.

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